Coming from a long history of community involvement and a successful 47-year career in banking, Mike Hodges knows what is important to the residents of Georgia Senate District 3 – and it’s important to him too.

“Less government, and more specifically the government closest to home, is truly the best government.”

“It’s important that we have a strong, steady and trusted voice in Atlanta. I will protect our values, our freedom and our way of life. I will work tirelessly to earn the respect and support of my neighbors throughout the district. This begins with accountability, listening to others and honest, open leadership.”

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Election Integrity

Mike will stand against efforts to compromise Georgia’s new Election Integrity Act. The new legislation makes it  easier to vote and harder to cheat. Photo ID, secure election drop boxes and expanded early voting, including weekends, will ensure a fair election process.

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Pro-Economy & Jobs

Our future and the quality of life for Georgia families depends on a vibrant and safe workforce. We also need to maintain Georgia’s status as one the #1 state to do business.

Support Georgia workers, small businesses, agriculture, tourism, the Port of Brunswick, our Coastal fisheries and other industries to promote economic growth and a good quality of life. Keep taxes low, cut burdensome regulations and provide workforce development to generate economic development.

Mike served as a Board Member of The Jekyll Island Authority from 2005-2019 following an appointment by Governor Sonny Perdue and a reappointment by Governor Nathan Deal. While he was Chair of the Authority, Jekyll Island was redeveloped with more than $100 million in state funding and an additional $200 million in private investments.

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Help Rural Georgia

Increase access to rural broadband and other infrastructure improvements in rural areas of District 3.

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Pro-Lower Taxes

Reduce or eliminate the state income tax to provide relief for Georgia’s hardworking citizens during difficult economic times.

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Pro-Constitutional Rights

Protect our rights afforded to us under the Constitution including free speech, religious freedoms and the right to bear arms.

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Protect Our Natural Resources

Support environmental stewardship with sound management and legislation to protect our rivers, lakes and coastal area from pollution and other threats. Mike will always seek local input regarding natural resources issues affecting the local communities in District 3.

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All Georgians should be afforded the opportunity to attend a college or technical school to prepare them for a future career. We need to stand together in support for College of Coastal Georgia, Golden Isles Career Academy and Coastal Pines Technical College.

Just as important, public schools need our continued support to ensure safety, technology upgrades, high academic standards and smaller classroom sizes.

Mike believes we should give our parents a voice in their child’s education, and that parental involvement will lessen the opportunity for unnecessary or unwise curriculum choices.

A graduate of Brunswick Junior College (now the College of Coastal Georgia), Mike is the former Chair and Board Member of the College Foundation. Along with other community leaders, he helped spearhead the transformation of the two-year junior college to a four-year college serving students from across Georgia and other states.

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We need to support our physicians, healthcare workers and medical facilities to ensure the well being and safety of families in District 3.

Georgians need affordable access to effective healthcare, not just during a pandemic. We need free market solutions so we can choose our insurance providers, physicians and coverage options. We must work to lower insurance premiums for Georgia families.

Expand and improve mental health programs to make them affordable and accessible for Georgians who need help.

Mike has been a member of the Glynn-Brunswick Memorial Hospital Authority since 2003, including serving as Chair. He has also served on the board of Southeast Georgia Health Systems (SGHS) since 2015 and is the current Chair of the Coastal Community Health Board, the governing body over the affiliation between SGHS and Baptist Health System in Jacksonville.

During his tenure, there was a transformation of public healthcare services from a relatively small local hospital to a regional healthcare provider spanning four counties with a capital investment of over $500 million and the recruitment of more than 125 physicians.

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Pro-Law Enforcement

Georgia must protect families and business owners by banning any attempts to defund our police across the state. We must properly fund and train our law enforcement personnel to ensure our neighborhoods and schools are safe.

Mike is proud to be endorsed by 5 of the 6 Georgia Senate District Sheriffs – Brantley County Sheriff Len Davis, Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor, Charlton County Sheriff Robert Phillips, Glynn County Sheriff Neal Jump, and McIntosh County Sheriff Steve Jessup.

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In addition to the Social Security and Medicare benefits our senior citizens have earned, we need to stand behind them on issues that impact their lives right here in Coastal Georgia. We also must crackdown on those who scam and prey on our seniors. It is our duty to take care of those who took care of us.

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Georgia is the home of several vital military installations including the Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay. We must continue to support our veterans, the members of our military and their families with the benefits they have earned while protecting our freedom.

“As a volunteer on many local boards, my priorities have been expanding healthcare services, improving education and boosting economic development. I would like to use my experience to make a difference in the General Assembly. I will be ready and able to serve my constituents and senate district on day one.”